Beech Island Development Corporation was established in 1376 in the beautiful island. From the beginning of operations based on the method of construction using prefabricated dry formed.

Precast production method based on factors such as the speed, quality and strength of particular structures were chosen.and Manjil, Tabas and Bam was obvious to everyone. 

In addition to product quality, this approach has another big advantage. The completion rate because the focus in the method of prefabricated building equipment and manpower experienced at least 50% of the time be another method of construction of the. Another advantage of prefabricated building, significantly reducing damage to the environment today is very important این موضوع هم به جهت ساخت و ساز خشک در این روش و هم از نظر کاهش چشمگیر پرت مصالح و کاهش قابل توجه انرژی مصرفی قابل استنباط است.